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Little sustainable growth in African cities

Lack of coordinated urban development leads to unsustainable and informal city growth. African governments need to be more prepared for rapid urban growth, says researcher.

Sexual abuse: Talking across cultures

Research on African women’s experiences with the Norwegian mental health service reveal differences in perception of what constitutes abuse, how much it should be talked about, and how to deal with it.

Mountains of nurture rather than nature

The City Mountains of Bergen are typically Norwegian and covered with needle-bearing trees and birch. At least that’s what the locals would like to believe.

Two North Norwegian Wonders

The rock carvings in Alta and the traditional avian husbandry on the Vega islands provide ample evidence of how people adapted to life in Northern Norway in truly amazing ways. No wonder they are both on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Norway's problem with immigration

Media and politicians spread fear about immigration and foreign cultures. This is a new form of racism, says a researcher who studied the public discourse in Norway before and after the terror attacks in 2011.

Bad media coverage hardest on teachers with toughest jobs

Teachers in Norwegian school districts in areas with lower living standards were most vexed by the media’s focus on their poor PISA test results. In Finland, however, the media trumpeted news about schools with the best scores.

The Russian language enters a new world

The political turmoil in Russia in the nineties was followed by a digital and linguistic revolution. Now President Putin wants to reclaim the language as a tool of power.

Christmas dining on Norwegian cod

Many people in Brazil and Portugal will eat Norwegian bacalhau during their Christmas celebrations.

Greenlanders strove for change

If Greenlandic culture has been ruined, Denmark is not to blame. Greenlanders wanted to have their opportunities expanded beyond their old sealing and whaling-based culture, argues Greenlandic historian.

For Icelanders, it pays to be weird

For a century, Iceland tried to be just like other European countries. But suddenly the people in the far North decided to become a bit different.