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The sense and sensibility of carbon capture

The debate about carbon capture is not mainly about how efficient the technology is. The language used by its advocates is just as important.

Video: The Rainmakers

A secret rainmaking ritual is threatened by extinction. The anthropologists Knut Christian Myhre and Frode Storaas travel to Tanzania to document it for posterity.

Gay Muslims keep religion and sexuality separate

Homosexual men in Beirut consider their sexual orientation to be a transitional phase rather than a lifelong part of their identity.

Civilization is defined by others

Our encounter with other cultures creates a need to label our own culture and traditions.

Researchers cooperate with ‘medicine men’

Pregnant women in Mali are dependent on medicine men and women, also called traditional practitioners (TPs) of folk medicine. Researchers are now collaborating with these healers to help improve their practice.

Greenlandic villages have a future

The future is uncertain for many Greenlandic villages, and some will disappear, predicts political scientist, who nevertheless sees hope for the well-functioning villages that have an industrial base.

Inca kids drugged before being sacrificed

Child corpses found on the Llullaillaco Volcano in Argentina are the world’s best preserved mummies. Analyses reveal that in the run-ups to their deaths 500 years ago, they had been given intoxicants for periods up to a year.

Circumcised women uncritical of the ritual

Women who have been subjected to genital cutting are too rarely critical of what they have undergone.

Conception of landscape shaped today’s transport routes

In the 1800s the natural landscape began to be seen as beautiful as opposed to primitive, wild and inaccessible. This changing public perception played a major role in the development of new travel routes in Norway.

Little sustainable growth in African cities

Lack of coordinated urban development leads to unsustainable and informal city growth. African governments need to be more prepared for rapid urban growth, says researcher.