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OPINION: Peak phosphorus and implications for India

One of the biggest risks that the world is facing right now is that of the ‘peak phosphorus’ crisis.

Jacket with built-in mobile phone made to save lives

Imagine there is a fire raging in a building when the fire leader sends out a message. The firefighters all take a look at their jacket sleeves and read it.

Intuition and analytical skills matter most in a crisis

People who prefer to combine quick, intuitive decisions with analysis, make the best decisions in a crisis situation, a new study shows.

Crisis planning fosters job satisfaction

Crisis preparations don’t just help in an emergency. Companies with leader-initiated crisis plans also have more satisfied employees.

Hospital describes experiences after last year's Oslo terrorist attack

On 22 July 2011, an extreme right-wing domestic terrorist car-bombed key government buildings in Oslo and shot down dozens of youths at a nearby Labour Party camp.

Gender when crisis strikes

People have different needs in a crisis situation. But how do the humanitarian aid workers tackle differences between men and women in times of crisis?

How to prepare for the unthinkable

The terrorist attack on Norway this summer and earlier assassinations of Swedish politicians were wake-up calls. The Nordic countries must acquire skills to handle new crises.