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Norway’s new invaders: The Greater Canada Goose

Written by Sam Perrin, PhD candidate at NTNU. Illustrative photo:  We kick off our series of articles on Norway’s new invaders this week with the greater Canada goose. My association with these creatures is one of mild terror, having had to dodge them on ... Read more

Norway’s new invaders: The Black List

Written by Malene Nygård. (Illustrative photo: Colourbox) Lately, alien species have gained a lot of attention, making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Headlines like ‘Alien species are floating on plastic to the Norwegian shore’, ... Read more

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The institute is made up of a wide variety of researchers, who specialise in everything from the use of citizen science to the impacts of climate change to the history of plant gene flow.

At Visions From Nature, we want to make learning about science interesting for everyone.

So whether it’s the latest research the Museum has churned out, our series on Norway’s invasive species, or one of our interviews with world leaders in environmental science, if you want to learn something new about our world, you’re in the right place!

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