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Norway’s New Invaders: The Genetics of Invasion

(Written by Vanessa Bieker. Illustration: Colourbox) If you’ve read some of our previous posts on invasive species, you’ll have learned that they can be a real danger to local ecosystems and economies, and even have impacts on our health. But as Vanessa ... Read more

Norway’s New Invaders: The Red King Crab

(Written by: Sam Perrin. Photo: Michelle Pemberton / wikimedia commons CC BY-SA 3.0) “... a red army of monster crustaceans – marshaled by Soviet-era leaders – is threatening to invade Western Europe ...” - James Owen, National Geographic, ... Read more

Norway’s New Invaders: Bringing Back Carnivores

(Written by Lara Veylit, PhD Candidate) (Photo: Colourbox) In my previous posts on rewilding and wild boar, I talked about the effects of reintroducing species that were previously found in Norway. Now, I want to talk more about the large carnivores in Scandinavia ... Read more

Norway’s New Invaders: Common Ragweed

(Written by Vanessa Bieker, PhD Candidate) (Photo: Sue Sweeney, CC BY-SA 3.0) In this series, we’ve already learnt about the impacts of alien trees and garden plants in Norway, but others are invading too, including some that are easier to overlook. And some ... Read more

Norway’s New Invaders: Rewilding

Written by: Lara Veylit, PhD Candidate at the Deparment of Biology, NTNU. (Photo: Doug Smith, Wikimedia commons / Public domain)  Can you imagine a wild Scandinavia filled with untamed forests, wild boar, and large predators (and maybe a stray Viking)? This is ... Read more

Norway’s new invaders: The pink salmon

(Guest post by Odd Terje Sandlund) (Photo: Male pink salmon develop a distinct humpback, earning them the nickname ‘humpies’) (Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons)) Today we focus on invaders from Russia. And whilst in the Trumpian era those words may ... Read more

Norway’s New Invaders: Invaders in the Garden

(Guest post by Malene Nygård. Photo: KENPEI / Wikimedia commons CA BY-SA 3.0) Garden plants have a long tradition in Norway; from being used as medicine and food in the gardens of Catholic monasteries in the Middle Ages to today’s exotic ornamental ... Read more

Norway’s New Invaders: The Garden Lupin

(Written by: Sam Perrin. Photo: Monika Mężyńska / Wikimedia commons CC BY-SA 2.5) In 2004, there were more than 873 alien species of plant in Norway, the majority of which are simple garden species. Next week, Museum PhD Candidate Malene Nygård will take ... Read more

Norway’s new invaders: The Greater Canada Goose

Written by Sam Perrin, PhD candidate at NTNU. Illustrative photo: Pixabay CC0) We kick off our series of articles on Norway’s new invaders this week with the greater Canada goose. My association with these creatures is one of mild terror, having had to dodge ... Read more

Norway’s new invaders: The Black List

Written by Malene Nygård. (Illustrative photo: Colourbox) Lately, alien species have gained a lot of attention, making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Headlines like ‘Alien species are floating on plastic to the Norwegian shore’, ... Read more

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