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The leaves on the magnificent trees outside our building here in Oslo have turned yellow and red—the tell-tale sign that the academic year is underway. The Fellows of our three research groups have moved into their offices and common rooms, and the atmosphere ... Read more

Vigdis Broch-Due

Professor Vigdis Broch-Due is Scientific Director at CAS Oslo.

Broch-Due’s research on Kenya and Eastern Africa spans three decades. She has conducted numerous ethnographic studies of Turkana groups (hunters, farmers, fishermen), and more recently along the border areas where Turkana and Samburu, Borana, Somali, and Pokot peoples live. Another field of expertise is the history of poverty and its ethnographic variation, including in Europe since the Middle Ages, as well as studies of the British Empire focusing on India and Africa. She has been involved in film documentaries on Kenya, India, and South America.

Professor Broch-Due has published a wide range of books and articles. Her central themes are gender and cosmology, materiality, inequality and violence, relations between humans and animals, colonisation, humanitarian aid, and globalisation.

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