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Sunday 18th March. Posted by Miriam Jackson.

Four eager researchers met at Gardemoen on Sunday afternoon. The party consists of Dr. Miriam Jackson, who is responsible for running the sublgacial laboratory, Pierre-Marie (Pim) Lefeuvre, a PhD student who will be performing fieldwork for his doctoral studies in the laboratory, Coline Mollaret, a French masters student who is studying geophysics and will perform her masters project in the laboratory and Mathieu Tachon, a French bachelors student in geography who will also carry out a project in the laboratory.

This is the first time in the subglacial laboratory for Coline and Matheiu, whilst Pierre-Marie had his first trip there in November last year.

We are presently waiting for our flight to Bodø, and from Bodø will drive down to Glomfjord. There we will meet three American researchers at Glomfjord hotel where we will stay the night.

We have a helicopter booked for tomorrow morning and are excited to see if it actually comes or not, as the weather forecast shows a small window of good weather early tomorrow morning, but snow for much of the day.

(Picture: The group at Bodø airport)

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