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There was a tragic accident up north last month. A few minutes before 15:00 CET on March 15th a Norwegian military C-130 Hercules transport aircraft crashed into Kebnekaise - the highest mountain in Sweden – during a multi-national military exercise. All five ... Read more

After the Solar Storm

We are getting close to a solar maximum. And although it will be a rather weak one, there is plenty of space weather action going on. The last month was dominated by the gigantic sunspot AR 1429, which fired off major flares on March 7th, 10th and 13th (plus some ... Read more

Terje Wahl

I was born the same year that Sputnik-1 was launched, and as a kid I eagerly watched the Apollo Moon landings on television.

Having graduated in mathematics from the University of Oslo in 1981, I spent many years as a scientist and project leader for satellite remote sensing at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment. I joined the Norwegian Space Centre in 2005, where I am now heading the department for Space and Earth Sciences.

I am currently also vice-chairman of the Programme Board for Space Situational Awareness in the European Space Agency. I also play many musical instruments and have written many songs. And, of course, I like space-rock songs from the 1960s and 1970s.

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