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The Gravity Expedition - Part II

We have finally finished the subglacial work! Indeed, we were able to perform the first ever absolute gravity value measured underneath a glacier! But, as expected when we wrote Part I of this contribution, hard work and long working days continued throughout the ... Read more

The Gravity Expedition

This is part two, a follow up from the last entry to this blog in November, Preparing for gravity. Now we are here to do the work in earnest. A group of five people are now living in the tunnel for a week to measure positions to place gravimeters, and perform ... Read more

Preparing for gravity

By: Christian Gerlach A team from Norway and Germany has visited the sub-glacial lab, preparing for a gravity campaign next spring. This will be (as far as we know) the very first absolute gravity measurement ever to be carried out underneath a glacier. Why gravity? ... Read more

Long day, short story

Monday 15th April. By Pierre-Marie Lefeuvre. Finally, after several months of preparation, we are set to travel to the Svartisen-Saltfjellet natural park. We are going to install newly developed GPS platforms at the surface of Engabreen as well as melt an ice cave ... Read more

A visit to Brelabben by someone who has no place being there

Brelabben, April 2013. Posted by Erik Rose Johnsen, communication advisor at NVE. Midnight. I’m about to start my 6 hour shift melting ice beneath the glacier Engabreen. To be where I am, I had to walk almost 1, 5 kilometers through a tunnel in the ... Read more

The descent

Saturday 17th November - by Pierre-Marie Lefeuvre The snow had melted severely during the week and there was little remaining at lower elevations. Nevertheless, on the mountain sides we got stuck into deep and slushy patches. Luckily, we avoided most of it following ... Read more

Last day in the tunnel

Friday 16th November - Written by Miriam Jackson Our last full day in the tunnel. As usual, the days seem go by quicker and quicker as we get closer to the end of our stay. Pim and Thomas head up to the lab after breakfast to do some measurements. Paul, the ... Read more

The second cave

Thursday 15th November – Thomas Schellenberger Our first cave has shrunk quite a bit during the last two days due to the movement of the glacier and the weight of roughly 200m of ice which lies on top of us. We start melting again, which means another four ... Read more

Reconstruct in three dimensions

Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th  November – Written by Thomas Schellenberger We walk up to the lab and have breakfast including a strong, strong coffee to wake us up.  While finishing the melting of the cave two sensors called load-cells have ... Read more

From a newcomer’s perspective

Monday - Written by Thomas 7am: PiM's terrible alarm wakes us way too early (in my opinion) and a long day begins... PiM prepares a strengthening breakfast and we fill our energy reservoirs, knowing that an exhausting hike will follow. Dressed for the wet ... Read more

Sub-glacial blog

A team of scientists are presently doing research in the the world’s most claustrophobic lab, which is located in a tunnel two hundred metres below a Norwegian glacier. The glacier laboratory is owned and operated by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)

Research activity takes place mainly in the winter when there is little water under the glacier.

During their stay under thick glacier ice they will blog at ScienceNordic.

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