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Do graphs and charts make you a wiser person?

What effects do the growing number of graphs and diagrams have on the news that we read on news sites, or watch on TV? Do they make them easier to understand or more trustworthy? Do you become a wiser person, due to the graphics? Or do you regard them as mere ... Read more

From numbers to graphics

From numbers to graphics

Research on data visualization

Graphs, charts and colorful maps. We meet them almost every day, in the news media, in the textbooks and in the information campaigns. The amount of data in society is rapidly growing and it is becoming easier to visualize them.

How do we read such data visualizations? And how are they made? Do they make the news and the textbooks more objective and informative, or are they perceived more or less as  decorations?

In this blog, nine researchers in a project administered from the University of Agder, Norway,  ask how we better can understand and critically evaluate data visualizations, those of us who are neither mathematicians nor designers.

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