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Science and Shovels: Traversing across the Greenland Ice Sheet

Moving 150 tonnes of equipment more than 450km across the Greenland Ice Sheet sounds like a crazy idea. In that context, moving a 14-metre high, dome-shaped, wooden structure seems like a minor point, but it really is not. I do not think I realised what an awesome ... Read more

Nanna B Karlsson

Nanna B. Karlsson is a post-doc at the Centre for Ice and Climate, University of Copenhagen, working with ice-flow modelling and radio-echo sounding data. She is currently part of the Water Under The Ice project, focusing at the occurrence of subglacial water under the Greenland Ice Sheet, but she is also involved in projects looking at ice on Mars, in Antarctica and northern Norway.

She tweets as @icymatters and blogs for the Cryosphere Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU).

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