Articles by Kristin Engh Førde

  • Norse gods in a crusade for Europe

    This week the trial has started against the man behind the terrorist attacks on Norway last summer. "Right-wing extremists draw on pre-Christian religion to build alternative power," says theology professor.
  • Martyrs on Facebook

    Can a woman be a genuine martyr? Is it a compliment to say to a woman that she is “equal to a thousand men”? Feminist activists in Iran are waging an ideological war on Facebook.
  • Dreams of a welfare state

    Women in Southern Europe would like to live in a Nordic-style welfare state to improve their opportunities. But the financial crisis has made their dreams less realistic than ever.
  • Norwegian enough for local politics?

    Persons with non-Western ethnic backgrounds must be “sufficiently Norwegian” to get nominated to a position in local politics.

Kristin Engh Førde

Kristin Engh Førde is an information adviser at Kilden - Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway

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