Articles by Ingrid Spilde

  • Poisoned from the inside

    Can such a diversity of ailments as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, autism and irritable bowel syndrome all originate in the intestines?
  • Can wild animals become overweight?

    Under our care dogs and horses can get fat just like human beings. But can animals in nature get too fat?
  • Insomnia can cause fibromyalgia

    Women who frequently have sleeping problems run a higher risk of developing the rheumatoid disorder fibromyalgia, characterised by muscle pain and headaches.
  • Voices from the grave

    Early in the 13th century husbands and wives were not always allowed to be buried next to each other in cemeteries. Old Norwegian skeletons reveal long-forgotten burial customs.
  • The secret life of the sea

    The ocean is teeming with tiny, exquisite creatures that have concealed themselves in certain ways from scientists. Now, 200 years after the organisms were discovered, Norwegian researchers have started to clear up mysteries from the DNA of radiolarians.

Ingrid Spilde

Ingrid Spilde is a journalist in - Norwegian online newspaper on science. She writes for NordicScience on a regular basis.

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