Articles by Ingrid Spilde

  • Immigration in the Viking era

    The stalwart peasant. Christianity. Ibsen, Grieg and the poet-priest Petter Dass. A glance at history indicates the Norwegian archetypes have immigrant backgrounds. So who are the Norwegians actually?
  • Immigration in the Stone Age

    Scandinavia changed dramatically when a migrant wave occured more than 4,000 years ago. People were put under pressure to change fast.
  • Letting Latin go at last

    Until recently it wasn’t enough just discovering a new species of flora. A scientist would have to know a sufficient amount of Latin to describe the plant. Now the rules have finally been changed.
  • Big algae surprise in mountain lake

    A common type of ocean algae has been found in a lake in the mountains of western Norway. Why are they there?
  • Lilliputian shop of horrors

    Do you cringe at the thought of head lice or intestinal worms? Well, if you were a little creepy thing you would risk something much worse than an itch.
  • Microbe masters

    Viruses, bacteria and parasites make us sneeze, poop or scratch our behinds. Can they also be behind some of the world’s major cultural differences?
  • Can water spoil?

    A half-full bottle of water has been left in the fridge for months. Can we drink it?
  • Why do you get the stomach flu?

    Why is it so hard to avoid a virus that forces us into the bathroom and makes us stick our heads in the toilet bowl?
  • Why you always have room for dessert

    No matter how stuffed you are after the main course you always have room for a little dessert. Here’s a scientific explanation for the phenomenon some people call the “dessert stomach”.
  • The great reindeer slaughter

    Under a thin carpet of sparse mountain vegetation lie the remains of an extensive massacre of animals. The 700-year-old rubbish heaps contain hundreds of thousands of bones.

Ingrid Spilde

Ingrid Spilde is a journalist in - Norwegian online newspaper on science. She writes for NordicScience on a regular basis.

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