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World Heritage in Danger… What Danger?

By Herdis Hølleland, Evan Hamman and Jessica Phelps The World Heritage Convention is one of the world’s most widely-ratified international treaties. Established with the aim of safeguarding the world’s cultural and natural heritage, most nations ... Read more

Bringing heritage back to the people: The cultural politics of the Scandinavian far-right

By Elisabeth Ni​klasson & Herdis Hølleland Feature photo: The 10th century Jelling stone is one of the heritage sites promoted by the Danish Peoples’ Party. (Wikipedia / By Ajepbah / CC BY-SA 3.0) Over the last 20 years, the multifaceted ... Read more

Early World Heritage politicking at home and abroad

By Jessica Phelps  & Herdis Hølleland, NIKU (Photo: Stephan Tschudi-Madsen – the head of Norway’s delegation to the World Heritage Committee. Av Åsgeir Valldal - Digitalt Museum/Norsk Folkemuseum, CC BY-SA 4.0) How did Norway become ... Read more

The Lake District – a case of World Heritage perseverance

Text and photo by Herdis Hølleland, NIKU 30 years of World Heritage limbo finally gets a happy ending as the Lake District makes the World Heritage List! First nominated in the 1980s, the nomination was deferred at the World Heritage Committee meeting in 1987 ... Read more

Archival back-stories of international heritage conservation

Image: Jessica Phelps studying in the archives of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.(Photo: NIKU) Archives are fantastic, if somewhat underappreciated, resources for heritage research. Over the past few months, we have been digging deep into governmental ... Read more

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