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The Melody of Science

Two times during the last few weeks, my wife has been asked to write a song. A very specific song that is, a song for special occasions when a person is celebrated e.g. for a 50th birthday or a Confirmation. The way to produce songs of this type is to use keywords ... Read more

How to save your fieldwork season

You just know it when it’s time to leave the field and head for home. When the thought of one more day collecting rocks in the field is just too much to handle; when the mosquito bites feel like personal attacks and the homely daily routines appear in your ... Read more

The nameless mountain range

The mountains in Norway and Sweden are one out of two mountain ranges in the world without a proper name. It probably sounds like a joke, but it’s true. If you don’t believe me, get hold of an atlas or map and find Scandinavia: A lot of elevated ... Read more

Henrik Svensen

Henrik Svensen works at Physics of Geological Processes, a Norwegian Center of Excellence hosted by the University of Oslo. Henrik's work is within climate research.

His research interests circle around metamorphic, volcanic, and fluid flow processes in sedimentary basins, and its implications for movement of fluids and gases between different reservoirs. Of particular interest is the link between geological processes and environmental changes.

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