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  • New CO2 findings may unlock Mars secrets

    Scientists have figured out how CO2 reacts with sunlight. The findings give a better understanding of atmospheric evolution on Earth and on other planets, not least Mars.
  • Offbeat metronomes reveal chimera state

    When you place a series of metronomes on a swing, they start to synchronise themselves automatically. Now a clever experiment shows that the metronomes can also divide themselves into groups where only half of them swing to the beat.
  • Different supernovae formed our early Solar System

    The first chapter about the creation of our Solar System is now ready to be written. The cloud of molecules from which the Solar System arose consisted of several generations of stardust, say researchers after analysing a meteorite.
  • Researcher teleports with a kitten

    Researchers can now use a special beam of light called a Schrödinger kitten for teleportation. The method can eventually lead to quantum computers and to communication which is secure against eavesdropping.
  • New model helps scientists understand solar flares

    Using a new computer model, researchers can now see how a solar flare arises and develops. An increased understanding of the gigantic explosions on the Sun will over time give us better space weather forecasts.
  • New camera detects chemicals

    Soon it may be possible to diagnose diseases, measure pollution and analyse food – with a camera.
  • 2012: Is Planet X on collision course with Earth?

    The end of the world is approaching, according to internet-based groups who believe that Earth will be hit by Planet X, also known as Nibiru, in 2012. But astronomers say there is nothing to indicate that doomsday is just around the corner.

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