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Whisky peat moss (Sphagnum taliskeri)

Isle of Skye is famous for many things; beautiful nature, sheep, miserable weather (“sky” is Norwegian for cloud), and a world famous whisky distillery. Talisker single malt whisky has been manufactured on the island for almost two centuries. Production ... Read more

Putin’s Law of Inheritance

Some time ago, Vladimir Putin went through what he considers important characteristics of the Russian people. As a nation, Putin claims, Russians are characterized by self-sacrifice, generosity and knowledge of a higher moral virtue. The Russian people's moral ... Read more

Hans K. Stenøien

Hans K. Stenøien is a professor of biology at the NTNU University Museum in Trondheim. He is interested in questions related to how biodiversity originates and how it evolves. His main interest is using population genetic tools to understand the history and biology of peat mosses (Sphagnum), major ecosystem engineers of the northern hemisphere.

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