Articles by Hanne Jakobsen

  • What would we do without the moon?

    How would it be on Earth if the Moon had never existed? Would we be in trouble if our celestial satellite were to leave us?
  • Height as an infliction

    Several hundred Norwegian girls were treated with oestrogen in their childhood to keep them from growing too tall. Nobody has studied what happened to them as adults.
  • Focus on the locus

    Large corporations have started producing organic foods, but American consumers are moving their focus on locally produced food. In Norway people might be too well off for such a revolution.
  • Norway’s oldest elk

    A family in Norway has had the antlers of Norway’s oldest elk hanging on the wall of their home for over a century.
  • The hard road off the sofa

    Type 2 diabetics struggle to adjust their lifestyles and habits in keeping with medical recommendations. Patient groups could be the answer.
  • From oil city to energy city

    Oil city Stavanger is looking for a new label more suited to a post-petroleum era. The search for a new moniker is part of the south-western coastal city’s long history of identity shaping.
  • Suburbanites are climate villains

    Who are the most eco-friendly, rural people or city people? Whatever the answer, if you are climate conscious you should stay clear of the suburbs.

Hanne Jakobsen

Hanne Jakobsen is a science journalist in Norway, she works for ScienceNordic and - Norwegian online newspaper about science.

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