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The Whale: superstar of the Ocean

Experts from around the world met at a conference on whaling in the Faroe Islands last month. Few animals receive as much media attention throughout the world as whales. The long-finned pilot whale that you find in the North Atlantic, for instance, has also put the ... Read more

Firouz Gaini

Firouz Gaini is an associate professor of anthropology at the Department of Education, University of the Faroe Islands. He studied in Oslo, Copenhagen and Torshavn. His PhD dissertation (2007) is on contemporary Faroese youth cultures. He has done fieldwork in Southern France and the Faroe Islands. Firouz Gaini is the current Chair of the Academy of Sciences of the Faroe Islands. His main research interests are youth cultures and identities, lifestyles, media, globalization and education. He has participated in several comparartive Nordic and West-Nordic school survey projects with focus on the values, styles and health of young people aged 16-19. Gaini has also done research on the masculinities and cultural identities of young men in the Faroe Islands.

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