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  • Denmark’s past viewed from above

    There’s a lot to learn about the past by studying the land from high above. See a series of stunning aerial archaeology photos here.
  • We buy healthier food than in previous generations

    Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. But although we are getting larger and heavier, our diet has become healthier over the last 100 years.
  • Cerebral malaria risk is gene-linked

    Europeans are three times more likely to develop cerebral malaria than Africans. The difference appears to be caused by a gene which has mutated in Africans but not in Europeans.
  • Unique find at Viking burial place

    Archaelogists have discovered a unique horseman’s grave exceeding 100m2 at a Viking burial place in Denmark. Several other aristocrats’ graves from the time of Harald Bluetooth were also found.
  • Weight loss without exercise – really?

    A newly discovered hormone could lead to a drug that can raise the body's energy conversion and minimise the risk of type 2 diabetes – without exercise.
  • Parkinson’s treatment minus side effects

    A new drug combination may be able to eliminate the negative side effects of medicine used for treating Parkinson’s disease.
  • How acidosis develops during exercise

    Vigorous exercise causes lactic acid to accumulate in our muscles, making them acidotic. New research shows that several key organs play a surprising role in this process – even during moderate exercise.
  • What gives a Xmas song the X factor?

    White Christmas, Blue Christmas, Last Christmas ... it's the same Christmas songs that you hear endlessly repeated on the radio and in shopping malls every year. But what is it that makes these songs so enduringly popular?
  • Enter the eco-cow

    Preparations have started on the breeding of a more climate-friendly cow which calves less frequently and produces milk over a longer period.
  • Nicotine worsens processing ability

    Nicotine gives you a kick-start, but the benefit stops there. New research shows that nicotine affects our information processing ability in several ways.

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