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Catherine Jex

A science writer specialising in earth sciences and climate change.

Before I became a science writer, I was a paleoclimatologist with 10 years experience in academic research studying past climate. I was particularly interested in developing records of rainfall, temperature and atmospheric pressure fields using stalagmites from caves. I also dipped my toes into groundwater hydrology, trying to understand how water moves, and is stored, underground.

I am a passionate fan of science in general, and especially in communicating the exciting stories that scientists have to tell to both their fellow scientists and a wider audience.

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Norwegian study links flu vaccine to narcolepsy risk

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has found an elevated risk of narcolepsy among children and young adults who were vaccinated against the swine flu seven years ago. Some who did not take the vaccine against the pandemic of 2009 also developed this severe sleeping disorder.