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356,976… and still counting

During the past five months I have been counting. A lot. More precisely I have counted 356,976 tiny dots, according to my excel worksheets. While the first response of anyone sane should be “but why?, I will ignore that (at least for now), and instead pay ... Read more

Sampling from the Scripps Pier

There are more than 1.3 million inhabitants in San Diego, but standing at the end of Scripps Pier I feel I´m the only human left in this beautiful part of California. Left behind me are the surfers, the sunbathing tourists and the fit beach runners, and in ... Read more

The Dinoflagellates in my fridge

They are swimming in my beakers, in the nutrients I have carefully mixed for them, in the water I collected from the pier, carried all the way to the lab and filtered to make it clean, in a fridge where the light regime and temperature is carefully adjusted to match ... Read more

A brief introduction to plankton, or; plankton for dummies

They are tiny, numerous and drifting with the currents in every ocean. Perhaps you have seen them adding color to the sea, or have encountered them through an unfortunate experience of consuming toxic mussels. But did you know plankton are the clockwork of ... Read more

How I ended up doing Arctic research in southern California

There is a long and a short version of this story. The short one, omitting the pile of paperwork needed for changing address from Tromsø to San Diego, is the one told here, beginning in an office at Uit -The Arctic University of Norway about 1.5 years ... Read more

Camilla Svensen

Camilla Svensen is an associate professor in marine ecology at UiT- The Arctic University of Norway, Fulbright Arctic Chair 2013-2014.

Her scientific interests cover different aspects of plankton ecology and especially how small marine organisms, like zooplankton, can influence global systems such as the carbon cycle.

She is usually working in the Arctic, but presently working as a visiting researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, USA, from where she will be blogging about her experiences as a Fulbright Arctic Chair.

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