Arriving in Bodø

Sunday 18th March -at night. Posted by Pierre-Marie (Pim) Lefeuvre

Although overheating in our winter gears, it was such a pity to leave Oslo and its southern early spring. The arrival in Bodø was nevertheless quite entertaining. Through a thick curtain of cloud, we started to get a glimpse of those lands beaten by wind and waves. The sea full of white caps was quite rough. Several small islands off the coast of Bodø were resisting the assault of the storm. Where waves were breaking off, we saw beautiful green emerald waters, and some tempting sandy beaches hidden behind some small Norwegian atolls.

After being the last to get all our, we took off for an optimistic 2 hour trip to Glomfjord. Even though the light was already quite dim, it was really nice to drive along the shore with those snowy landscapes in the background. Note: our first eagle was observed after just 30minutes in the car; maybe we will be lucky and see another one tomorrow.

To make the trip more interesting, a heavy snowfall reduced the visibility to 20-50 m and we ended up following cars that were opening the road for us at 60 km/h for more than an hour. The song “Somewhere over the rainbow” that we played on an ipod fitted perfectly that part of the trip. Finally, we arrived in Glomfjord after two hours and half in a quite stable weather.

After meeting our American colleagues, we started planning the usual commodities: food and transport. The weather forecast for Engabreen has been changing every half day since Friday, passing from rain, to sunshine and snow. As Miriam said previously, we are still hoping to get a nice window of 2-3 hours in the morning. Surprisingly, the last weather forecast indicates pure sunshine for the first part of the day, which would make it much easier as we have a lot of heavy equipment ot carry. A lift to the tunnel in helicopter would save us from a long and difficult hike along the steep, slippery and snow-covered sides up to the tunnel entrance. Fingers crossed!

Alea jacta est,


(Picture: Loading the helicopter)

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