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Seven tips to cut your CO2 emissions

Research can help you decide what measures will help cut your CO2 emissions the most. Reducing your shower time is one of them.

Danes devise the draught beer app

Danish students have come up with a smart phone beer app they call “Ghostbar”.

Power alone does not make people pursue pleasure and reward

It is only when their desires are triggered that powerful people are willing to go one step further to fulfil their dreams.

Children feast on sugar

It’s official: European children are consuming too much of the sweet stuff.

"We all have to make sacrifices"

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee – then cycle to work.

A cup of coffee with biodiversity and clean drinking water, please

OPINION: Sales of clean water, CO2 credits and the protection of biodiversity can benefit the environment and provide an extra income for farmers who grow coffee under the shade of trees.

Your household appliances can be hacked

The neighbour’s kid hacks your washing machine and terrorists switch off the power in your city. These are likely future scenarios with modern technology. But now a researcher has set out to combat this.

Calculating the environmental footprint of governments

If you want to be a good global citizen, there are many tools that you can use to understand just how big your footprint is. But the impact of governmental policies on the environment is an infinitely more difficult calculation to make.

Women get the worst hangovers

Women experience more hangovers than men, a study shows. It also indicates that we should eat while we drink and that we readily drink more than the authorities recommend.

The ambiguity of sustainable seafood

Norwegian companies who sell seafood to Europe have to deal with many different ecolabels and requirements.