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Paper beats computer screens

People comprehend what they're reading on a sheet of paper far better than when they read those same words on a computer screen.

Data services with in-built self-defence

Researchers are developing data systems which can adapt in the face of virus and hacker attacks. If software components are attacked they will be replaced automatically without any inconvenience to the user.

Online betting reawakens old gambling problems

Restrictions on slot machines yielded immediate results in Norway, but the gap was quickly filled by sports betting, online games and lotteries, and these gambling trends are even more damaging.

Computer program recognises any language

New technology that allows computers to recognise any language without pre-learning stands to revolutionise automatic speech recognition.

Identification chips are vulnerable to attacks

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips can identify people, animals and objects from a distance of several metres but the technology is susceptible to misuse and hacking.