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Computer games

Ear surgeons practice on virtual dismembered brain

Otologists can now hone their surgical skills with a new Danish computer program, which is currently being translated into several languages.

Computer games can improve teaching in schools

Computer games add challenges and a competitive element to school teaching and that can improve the learning experience for the pupils, provided that the teachers join in the fun.

Time to reboot our image of gamers

Who plays computer games? The typical gamer plays to socialise and prefers to play with friends and family, rather than strangers.

New real-time game explodes onto US market

While most students are busy taking exams, six students and game developers from Norway have taken – and passed – the ultimate test.

Movies and TV series use computer game dramaturgy

Computer games have left their imprints on a variety of media. TV series such as 24 and Lost, and movies such as Inception and Lord of the Rings are clearly inspired by narrative techniques used in computer games.

Making a game of research

Tablet computers are being adopted by behavioural scientists as a more efficient way to get information from young children.

Mobile phones as a social means of education

Mobile phones can be used in education just as computers can. They can for instance serve as social tools that pupils use to develop one another’s projects. Mobile phone games can also enhance learning.

Computer model predicts tomorrow’s nature

Researchers have developed a computer model that can look into the future. The model’s virtual world makes it possible to explore how man-made changes in nature will impact on animal life in the future.

Violent computer games cleared by researchers

New Swedish study breaks with previous research on the link between computer games and violence. It turns out that success in the games requires cooperation and patience.

GTA is the great contemporary novel

Action games like 'Grand Theft Auto' and 'Call of Duty' reflect reality to such a degree that we fail to distinguish the metaphors used in the games from the reality they describe.