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Citizen Science in the Faroe Islands: Helps both hunters and animals

How do you obtain hunting figures in a country where there are no official hunting statistics? Citizen Science is the key.

Collaborative communities – problem solvers without bosses

Complex problems can be solved in networks where the members themselves decide how to participate. How is it possible to keep control without bosses and lines of command?

Gay Swedes don’t flee rural communities

Researchers find more acceptance than expected for sexual diversity in rural areas.

Refugee integration improves with community action

When an entire local community is mobilised to help integrate refugees, the results are much better than when the job is left to paper pushers.

Enthusiasts are vital for local communities

Committed people with a passion for a cause can be worth their weight in gold for local communities. But local authorities and fellow community members can crush their magnanimous spirit, causing them to give up.

A recipe for brain gain

Across the globe, people are moving from towns and rural areas to big cities, taking their knowledge and expertise. The resulting brain drain can be devastating for the communities left behind. Researchers in one Norwegian town think they have a recipe to reverse the process.