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Girls experience sexting more negatively than boys

A new study finds that Swedish boys and girls have very different reactions to sexually explicit texts. One researcher thinks this is very disheartening.

How to communicate better at work

What is the best way to speak to your employees or your manager? How can you get your message across without sending any unintentional signals? Clues from gestalt communication.

Danish scientists go back to school

See what ScienceNordic’s partner is getting up to as part of the 2017 Danish Science Festival.

Launching a swarm of rockets to find the cause of GPS chaos

Solar storms can paralyse modern communications. Researchers will now launch a swarm of rockets to find out why. Their goal is to develop better space weather forecasts.

Five tips to improve your team

People who work together in teams don’t always know to whom they should send important information. Here's how you can change that.

Social media savvy for the service industries

How can “boring” products generate customer engagement on social media?

Neutrality of government communications challenged by political PR-spin

Media have too big an influence on politics, according to Norwegian ministry communication advisers who feel that their neutrality is challenged.

Getting the Chinese to work in teams

Norwegian companies have been less than successful at developing software abroad. But now the answer is on its way.

Danish scientists break laser record

New laser technology can be used to diagnose cancer and monitor food quality.

Tough Special Forces don’t strut their stuff

The Norwegian Armed Forces Special Operations Forces are not Rambos. They need to be team players with ample communication skills – otherwise, lives can be at stake.