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From dried cod to tissue sample preservation

Researchers are looking at the salt cod industry for a potential tissue sample drying technology that could save money without sacrificing tissue quality.

Catching Atlantic cod in green light

Using fish pots and green light, Swedish fishermen want to prevent seals from stealing their catch.

Traces of skin lotion found in Atlantic cod

That nice, silky smooth feeling you get when you rub yourself with your favourite lotion, comes from maybe not so nice chemicals.

Spawning cod packed with vitamins

Cod migrate from the Barents Sea to the Lofoten Islands in North Norway to spawn every winter. The fishing season for these large spawning cod, called skrei in Norwegian, is currently open. A traditional North Norwegian serving of the fish is a super source of vitamin D.

Stopping the sexual maturity of cod

The early onset of sexual maturity is a great problem in cod aquaculture. Knowledge about zebra fish resulted in a new method that makes cod sterile.

Valuable secret hidden in codfish ear collection

Cod have annual growth rings in the bony structures in their ears. Scientists in Greenland have collected these structures for nearly a century and have made a discovery that could help avert a new fisheries collapse.

Soviet Cold War oceanographic surveys opened up to western scientists

A treasure trove of Barents Sea fisheries data stored for decades in Murmansk can help determine the fate of future offshore oil and gas exploitation in the region.

Fishing tourists release small cod

Tourists release or throw out as much as 60 percent of the coastal cod caught in Northern Norway.

Cod quality matters in the marketplace

If Norwegian salted cod was of the same standard as that from Iceland, the export value to Portugal would have been 16-17 million euro higher.