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Could this be the start of China’s collapse?

China’s economy has grown at record speed. Now the weakening of China’s national currency suggests that the downturn has started.

Historic environmental awareness is changing China

In China, there has been an explosion of interest in the environment. Extreme air pollution is driving new formats of interaction between the political authorities and the people.

Making the case for China’s underprivileged

Fighting for the rights of migrant workers in China - without over-stepping the limits of what the authorities allow - is a difficult balancing act. But grassroots organizations are becoming increasingly brave.

Business in China equals relationships

To succeed in China, it is not enough for companies to be market-oriented and willing to learn. They must also adapt their operations to the Chinese relationship orientation.

Norwegian researchers encounter Chinese wall

Researchers in Norway feel China is taking retribution against them because the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010 was awarded to the Chinese writer and human rights activist Liu Xiaobo.