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Robots will soon replace the tractor

Drone-like helicopters and field robots that can automatically detect weeds are only a couple of years away, say researchers.

Gender equality for crash test dummies, too

Crash test dummies are always male. That means today's cars don't protect women as well as men. Swedish researchers think the solution is a female crash test dummy -- and they have made one.

Cleaning air the natural way

A new air purification unit requires little energy in removing toxic gasses, dust and bacteria, much the way air is cleansed in the atmosphere. The new invention is out of the test lab and now cleaning industrial emissions.

The ball tells you when it’s in

New Danish/German goal-line technology has been approved by FIFA and will be tested in this week’s FIFA Club World Cup.

You are the weakest link in IT security

Hackers often gain access to IT systems by exploiting the weakest link in IT security – the users. New social IT security system aims to weed out the human factor.

Future airplanes might be furry

Fur, feathers and other outgrowths augment motion, according to Swedish scientists.

Sailing by solar winds

A new type of solar wind sail can take us to the asteroids. Tests in space are scheduled next year when a Finnish satellite is launched.

The Arctic Ocean is not an important shipping route – yet

OPINION: Ten ships navigated the Northeast Passage last year, while 18,000 transited the Suez Canal. It will be a long time before the Northern Sea Route becomes an important navigational route, but the development must be followed closely.

New camera detects chemicals

Soon it may be possible to diagnose diseases, measure pollution and analyse food – with a camera.

Scientists reinvent light

A new method enables scientists to create large, inexpensive and flexible surfaces that can emit light in the same way as an OLED TV screen. This could result in luminous clothes, glowing wallpaper and even radiant cereal packets.

Tomorrow’s super surgeon is a robot

Scientists have developed a mathematical method to guarantee the patient’s safety when the surgery is performed by a robot.

Your household appliances can be hacked

The neighbour’s kid hacks your washing machine and terrorists switch off the power in your city. These are likely future scenarios with modern technology. But now a researcher has set out to combat this.