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Advanced humanoid robot takes first steps

A new robot that walks as dynamically as a human took its first steps this week. Watch the first steps here.

New nanotechnology paves way for molecular super glue

A new method which enables the combination of metals and plastics at a molecular level has been developed by Danish researchers. This ‘molecular glue’ forms strong and tight sealing bonds between materials that would not otherwise stick together.

Researcher teleports with a kitten

Researchers can now use a special beam of light called a Schrödinger kitten for teleportation. The method can eventually lead to quantum computers and to communication which is secure against eavesdropping.

Radar detects heartbeats

Advanced software sees heartbeats through the skin as well as enemies through walls.

Locating shipwrecks along the Norwegian coast

Robotic subs are honing in on uncharted sea floor, searching for wrecks.

Time to accelerate collaboration with CERN

Basic research at CERN can have a huge impact on Norwegian firms if they seize opportunities to deliver technology. Twiddling thumbs won’t start the wheels of industry spinning.

Machines are better than people at sorting household trash

Novel technology makes it unnecessary to sort trash at home for recycling. But Norwegian authorities want us to keep doing it anyway.

Huge X-ray laser reveals new molecular state

Using a specially designed X-ray laser, researchers have managed to photograph what happens when molecules bind to or unbind from the surface of a catalyst. The findings may be an important step in the development of new forms of renewable energy.

A silicon sprinkle for electric cars

The driving range of electric vehicles can be increased by 25 percent if silicon replaces graphite in their batteries. A new manufacturing method creates nanopowder sprinkles that can do the job.

Memory makes robots more competitive

New technology teaches robots to learn from their own mistakes and successes, making them more efficient at performing their work.

Ear surgeons practice on virtual dismembered brain

Otologists can now hone their surgical skills with a new Danish computer program, which is currently being translated into several languages.

Swedish engineers launch hackable mini-drone

A trio of friends in Sweden has created a miniature helicopter kit with open source code. Users can hack into the drone's software and adapt it to their own needs.