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Japanese and Norwegians: a meeting of minds

They might seem poles apart in how they communicate, but Japanese and Norwegian businesspeople turn out to be surprisingly alike.

Norwegians worry about gay and lesbian parenthood

Although most Norwegians support same-sex marriage, only a minority give their full support to gay and lesbian couples’ right to adopt children.

Your Danish friend may be a witch

Witches in present-day Denmark keep their craft secret – and one in four of them is probably a man.

What makes ’Borgen’ and ’The Killing’ special?

The popular Danish TV series ’Borgen’ and ’The Killing’ are highly complex fictional series with elements of reality. This explains why viewers around the world prefer them to one-dimensional series without multiple layers.

Young and old use social media for surprisingly different reasons

Young and old Norwegians have different reasons for using social media websites, but younger users are becoming bored with social networks.

Faith in a new country

Are faith communities helping immigrants to integrate, or isolating them from their fellow countrymen? It can cut both ways, according to new research.

Immigration in the Viking era

The stalwart peasant. Christianity. Ibsen, Grieg and the poet-priest Petter Dass. A glance at history indicates the Norwegian archetypes have immigrant backgrounds. So who are the Norwegians actually?

Dyed clothes came into fashion in early Iron Age

Analyses of bog bodies show that dyed clothing became fashionable in the early Iron Age – centuries before previously thought.

Immigration in the Stone Age

Scandinavia changed dramatically when a migrant wave occured more than 4,000 years ago. People were put under pressure to change fast.

Stay in control or display emotions?

Different cultures express emotions in various manners. Indonesians and Norwegians, for example, grieve in very different ways.

Young people say no to weed

Norwegian youths, like their peers across Europe, use less cannabis today than they did at the turn of the millennium.

Role playing and religion function identically

Religious rituals and role playing both require agreement on the rules that maintain a ‘fantasy world’ in which churchgoers and game players find themselves.

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