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Myths about the prostitute lifestyle

Public debate portrays prostitutes as either victims of human trafficking or strong, independent women who have made a personal choice. However, research reveals an altogether different reality.

Two-year limit for parental bliss

Our happiness and well-being increase when we have children – but only for a while. After two years, most of us are back at the same level of happiness we had before the kids came along.

Firing the boss is not always smart

Norway's police director resigned yesterday as a result of criticism from the July 22 commission, which investigated last year's terrorist attacks. But axing the bosses often has little more than symbolic value.

Civil rights kowtow to counter-terrorism

Norwegians are becoming increasingly willing to let the authorities infringe on their civil rights in the fight against terrorism.

Movies and TV series use computer game dramaturgy

Computer games have left their imprints on a variety of media. TV series such as 24 and Lost, and movies such as Inception and Lord of the Rings are clearly inspired by narrative techniques used in computer games.

Why Danes dance ’les Lanciers’

Danes are the only nation in the world to dance the ballroom dance ’les Lanciers’. Part of the explanation for its continued popularity can actually be traced to Beverly Hills 90210.

Working in the line of fire

Far from being risk seekers, firefighters feel their work isn't particularly risky. But relations between team members are regarded as crucial.

Reporting sex crimes improves health

The majority of those who report incest and abuse to the police feel they made the right decision. Pressing charges bolsters health and leads to more freedom to get on with their lives.

The bright side of hangovers

Hangovers can be painful, but for many young adults they include social bonding with close friends and the communal suffering can be a good and rewarding experience.

Creativity is a social process

Having done fieldwork at the fashion house Hugo Boss, a Danish anthropologist concludes that creativity is not a result of individuals. Rather, it’s a social process that occurs among individuals.

Your DNA loves horror movies

When we watch a scary movie, we’re training our ability to cope with critical situations. This explains our natural attraction to horror, says researcher.

Why work more for less?

OPINION: Business leaders demand motivation on the one hand, but act in a demotivating way on the other. This is a paradox where there is a far greater need for responsibility – among business managers.