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The welfare state reduces income gap between the exes

Women's incomes take the hardest hit after a divorce. In Norway the welfare state eliminates the difference between husband and wife by subsidising single parents.

Greenlanders strove for change

If Greenlandic culture has been ruined, Denmark is not to blame. Greenlanders wanted to have their opportunities expanded beyond their old sealing and whaling-based culture, argues Greenlandic historian.

Young Muslims in Oslo: From riots to responsibility

Muslim youth were singled out as the instigators of street riots in Oslo four years ago, but most of them were strongly against the use of violence. The riots brought new voices to the public debate on integration.

Ancient piece of fabric from surprising source

The people who made clothes of plant fibres 2,800 years ago didn’t limit themselves to using agricultural plants. Researchers think they were conscious users of wild plants too.

Why today's TV series are so great

The American market is bursting with high-quality TV series. This is the result of years of development that has made the series more narrowly focused.

OPINION: Is Danish welfare facing a break-up?

Denmark is now discussing a break with the philosophy of universalism, although social expenditure in the Nordic countries is no higher than in Germany or France.

Stress-coping strategies can save teens from becoming suicidal

A clear link between suicide attempts and task-oriented coping was found in a new study that followed suicidal and nonsuicidal teenagers into early adulthood.

For Icelanders, it pays to be weird

For a century, Iceland tried to be just like other European countries. But suddenly the people in the far North decided to become a bit different.

Health care and business don't mix

Using private companies to provide health care on a for-profit basis is not a viable model, warn researchers. The market wins – and patients lose.

The English inspired Vikings to build cities

The first cities and churches in medieval Denmark were probably inspired by the English, sources show. A historian sheds light on how the English influenced the Vikings, culturally as well as politically.

Looking back to the future to improve business

In times of crisis, companies look to the past to find their way forward. And the more serious the crisis, the further back management will look.

Online betting reawakens old gambling problems

Restrictions on slot machines yielded immediate results in Norway, but the gap was quickly filled by sports betting, online games and lotteries, and these gambling trends are even more damaging.