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Mysterious bear figurines baffle archaeologists

Small bear figurines have led researchers on the trail of hitherto unknown pre-Inuit rituals, indicating that these people practiced a bear cult.

Innards are out

Norwegian dinner tables used to include dishes made of hearts, lungs, liver and kidneys. Today such innards are no longer eaten.

Here’s tomorrow’s science classroom

Scientists are testing a new teaching concept to rekindle shoolchildren’s interest in science.

How Nazis turn youths into extremists

Far right Nazi-like parties are using a new strategy for spreading their message to young people. New research takes a closer look.

How Vikings navigated the world

With no access to modern navigation instruments, Vikings relied on birds, whales, celestial bodies, chants and rhymes to navigate the seas and discover new land.

Biased toward Norwegian job applicants

New experimental approach confirms that prejudiced bosses would rather hire ethnic Norwegians than applicants with strong ties to an immigrant background.

Computers: a turn-off for teachers

Pupils lose out on using computers in school because of banal obstacles - such as flat batteries and a lack of electrical sockets.

The welfare state reduces income gap between the exes

Women's incomes take the hardest hit after a divorce. In Norway the welfare state eliminates the difference between husband and wife by subsidising single parents.

Greenlanders strove for change

If Greenlandic culture has been ruined, Denmark is not to blame. Greenlanders wanted to have their opportunities expanded beyond their old sealing and whaling-based culture, argues Greenlandic historian.

Young Muslims in Oslo: From riots to responsibility

Muslim youth were singled out as the instigators of street riots in Oslo four years ago, but most of them were strongly against the use of violence. The riots brought new voices to the public debate on integration.

Ancient piece of fabric from surprising source

The people who made clothes of plant fibres 2,800 years ago didn’t limit themselves to using agricultural plants. Researchers think they were conscious users of wild plants too.

Why today's TV series are so great

The American market is bursting with high-quality TV series. This is the result of years of development that has made the series more narrowly focused.

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