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Children want challenging playgrounds

School children want to create something of their own when they play. Completed playgrounds give little room for creative activity.

Rap music has found a place in Norwegian culture

Norwegian rap music is no longer a mere copy of the American genre, according to a researcher.

Who were the Greenlanders' ancestors?

A new Danish research project will map the history of the peoples of Greenland and establish who their forefathers were.

General prosperity is a key to democracy

All of today's countries could become democratic regardless of their present form of government. Prosperity is a greater factor than religion in democratization.

In the digital age, the humanities can afford to go on the offensive

Humanities should be at the vanguard when it comes to information technology and social media, writes philosophy Professor Vincent Hendricks.

This is what living in the Viking age looked like

Explore one of northern Europe's largest Viking settlements in Denmark through this digital reconstruction.

Feminism is trendy – but not in Norwegian politics

Swedish feminists are making substantial political inroads. Feminism has become trendy in Norway too. Is a Norwegian feminist party in the cards?

Historian will transform censuses into goldmine of health data

Denmark has a treasure chest of historic records. But until now we have not had the right tools to wrest as much information as possible from them. A Danish history professor intends to change that.

New Nordic food is a niche

On the 10th anniversary of the concept “New Nordic food”, researchers from Aarhus University have investigated its social and financial influence on society. They found that only few people have taken Nordic food to heart.

Children can wait – for higher income

The probability of having children increases significantly once people have started their professional careers.

Norway was controlled from the pulpit

Norwegian society was totalitarian during the nearly four centuries that Norway was ruled from Copenhagen. Sermons were closely supervised and controlled by the rulers.

Addicts in fear of mandatory rehab

Substance abusers whose lives are acutely at risk can be committed to compulsory rehabilitation treatment. Some become scared of, angry at, and sceptical of the health services.


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