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High-rise housing blocks – from bright vision to concrete hell

Opinions about suburban housing complexes have changed radically in the past 40 years.

New online game will change kid's understanding of language

Researchers put focus on the pecularities of spoken language in new online game for kids and high schoolers.

Motivated employees equal satisfied customers

Employees who have fun at their jobs perform better than those who are driven by bonuses and commissions. This leads to more satisfied customers, a new study shows.

Oslo’s golden ghettos

Wealthy and well-educated citizens of Oslo clump continuously tighter together.

1814: Denmark lost Norway but gained democracy

When Denmark lost Norway in 1814 it set off a chain reaction that would later lead to Danish democracy.

When rebels dressed in national costumes

Today is Norwegian Constitution Day. Dressing up in national costumes is a big part of the traditional celebration. But no more than a hundred years ago, people were spat on for dressing this way.

How prehistoric animals can help save today's endangered species

Artists’ colourful drawings of prehistoric animals could help keep endangered species alive.

Come face to face with the world's most bizarre research

Be ready to experience the strangest and most bizarre research in the world when the notorious Ig Nobel Prize show comes to Copenhagen this summer.

Many don’t take 40 km/h zones literally

Drivers are more likely to speed a little on stretches of road where they are supposed to drive real slow.

Eurovision Song Contest is riddled with hidden political messages

It may look and sound innocent but don't be fooled: the Eurovision Song Contest is more political than you may think.

A quarter of Norwegian men never father children

Nearly one out of four men in Norway are childless at the age of 45.

Eurovision Song Contest to be part of Denmark's cultural heritage

Danish researchers are harvesting the internet for all information about this year's Eurovision Song. Contest The goal is to ensure good historical research - but the researchers are also learning to predict the winner several months in advance.


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