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Cannabis makes inmates behave

Prison guards often turn a blind eye to cannabis smoking, because stopping inmates from smoking creates turmoil in prisons and can damage rehabilitation, says new Danish study.

Focus on refugee resilience, not trauma

Support for refugees from war zones should focus on their resilience, not their trauma, says new research.

How Vikings killed time

The Vikings played ball, lifted stones and wrestled. Often the games turned violent and bloody, occasionally resulting in death.

Strong states resisted democracy

There is a strong link between the age of states and the European influence they have been exposed to, says new study.

Pre-Viking hotspot on the Norwegian Coast

Kings took control of coastal maritime traffic in Norway as early as the third century, long before the Viking Age. Discoveries from the ancient royal residences offer new proof.

The road to adulthood: car culture in the Faroes

Cars dominated Faroese youth culture in the ’70s and ‘80s, as young men found strong symbolic values in owning and driving a car. Today’s youths are, however, finding values in other activities.

Choir singing improves health and work environment

Singing in a choir with your work mates can give you better health and more commitment to your job.

Unusual find saved just in time

Paddles dating back to the Ertebølle culture in the Stone Age were recently found in Horsens Fjord, Denmark. They were close to being eaten up by the strong ocean currents.

Young students want to improve the daily lives of the elderly

A school project found an answer to old people's needs: let teenagers take the elderly on exursions.

Should we keep the Vikings’ stolen goods?

The National Museum of Denmark regularly receives objects that appear to be stolen goods from the Viking Age. Shouldn’t these objects be returned to their original owners?

Dyslexia linked to impulsiveness among criminals

Researchers have chalked up a pioneer discovery clearly linking dyslexia and high levels of impulsivity in a group of adults − men convicted of felonies.

Berlusconi would never win a Danish election

In Denmark, religion plays a very special role. That’s why someone like Silvio Berlusconi would never be as successful in Denmark as he has been in Italy.

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