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Men are better at multitasking

Everyone says that women are better at doing several things simultaneously. Swedish researchers put it to the test.

Money won’t buy freedom from social inheritance

Children of social security recipients go on the dole; children of high school teachers go to university. But giving more money to socially disadvantaged families is not the solution.

Alcohol behind Finland's high homicide rate

There are twice as many murders in Finland as in Sweden, and most of the Finnish perpetrators were drunk. But there are fewer victims of organised crime in Finland than in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Increased divorce rates are linked to the welfare state

Swedish research places the soaring divorce rates in recent decades on the shoulders of equal rights and social justice.

Mysterious bear figurines baffle archaeologists

Small bear figurines have led researchers on the trail of hitherto unknown pre-Inuit rituals, indicating that these people practiced a bear cult.

Innards are out

Norwegian dinner tables used to include dishes made of hearts, lungs, liver and kidneys. Today such innards are no longer eaten.

Here’s tomorrow’s science classroom

Scientists are testing a new teaching concept to rekindle shoolchildren’s interest in science.

How Nazis turn youths into extremists

Far right Nazi-like parties are using a new strategy for spreading their message to young people. New research takes a closer look.

How Vikings navigated the world

With no access to modern navigation instruments, Vikings relied on birds, whales, celestial bodies, chants and rhymes to navigate the seas and discover new land.

Biased toward Norwegian job applicants

New experimental approach confirms that prejudiced bosses would rather hire ethnic Norwegians than applicants with strong ties to an immigrant background.

Computers: a turn-off for teachers

Pupils lose out on using computers in school because of banal obstacles - such as flat batteries and a lack of electrical sockets.

The welfare state reduces income gap between the exes

Women's incomes take the hardest hit after a divorce. In Norway the welfare state eliminates the difference between husband and wife by subsidising single parents.