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Weak language skills a heavy problem

Language skills are rarely seen as a public health problem, but immigrant women from Turkey and Pakistan with poor Norwegian skills are more likely to be overweight. That, in turn, can have public health consequences.

The new face of Nordic profanities

Nordic youths don’t swear more than their elders, but they use widely different profanities, a Nordic swearword conference finds.

Norwegian Vikings grew hemp

Cannabis was cultivated 1,300 years ago at a farm in Southern Norway.

Young people want snowmobile cops

Rampant drunkenness and wild snowmobile riding at night concern teens and young adults in northern Norway. They want the police to patrol trails at night to curb accidents.

Big differences in Finnish and Norwegian teacher education

Finnish schools are frequently ranked as the best in the world, well ahead of their Nordic neighbors, despite cultural similarities. But Finland's secret and Norway's scourge may lie in each country's educational policy making.

Childless couples risk shorter lives

Children may be exhausting, but not having children can raise the risk of early death.

What’s so great about Gangnam Style?

The most popular YouTube video ever is more than just a weird-looking Korean with a funny dance. In South Korea, Gangnam Style went from being poisonous satire to becoming a global pop hit that the locals are proud of.

Trains should be more like cars

A Swedish researcher rails against hazardous luggage systems.

The dope on marijuana cultivation in Norway

Indoor cultivation of marijuana plants is on the rise in Norway, but most growers plan to stay small, and look down on the established drug trade.

Teamwork brought Danish films to the top

Danish films are doing well despite the financial crisis. This is due to the Danish film model with collective leadership, a flat organisational structure and a strong system for education and funding.

Sleep disturbance slips under the radar

As many as 40 percent of patients in the Norwegian mental health care system are likely to experience insomnia, but their sleep problems can be overlooked.

Create a cheap baby in India

New technology is opening up for limitless opportunities to create and have children – across bodies and borders. Consequences include children becoming stateless citizens, and it will be more difficult to identify who the father and mother really are.


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