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How extremists become ex-extremists

Ideology is not the barrier that stops an extremist from abandoning their radical views and reintegrating into the community, shows new research.

Economists: Too little transparency in research

At least 61 per cent of economic studies can be reproduced, but that is not enough, say economists.

Why some Iron Age women chose exotic jewellery

The highly untraditional choice shows a desire to stand out in a crowd, according to one archaeologist.

Swedish police and emergency personnel feel poorly prepared for terrorist attacks

A terrorist attack is a heart-breaking tragedy, but for police, fire and emergency medical personnel, it is also a highly complex and demanding situation requiring special skills and coordination of services.

Why looking at social media at work disrupts your concentration

OPINION: You might have heard of the bystander-effect, but what about the Pinball-effect, which disrupts your attention on important tasks?

How happiness is challenging GDP as the measure of a country's health

OPINION: Denmark has reclaimed its place as the happiest country in the world, according to the latest annual World Happiness Report, closely followed by Iceland, Norway, and Finland. But it is equality and not GDP that makes the Nordic countries top in the happiness polls.

Is scientific misconduct a bigger problem than we think?

Scientific misconduct might be a bigger problem than scientists think, but what is it and how can we stop it?

Denmark and Sweden take another look at how they investigate scientific misconduct

After a series of scandals in Nordic science, Denmark and Sweden are rethinking how they investigate allegations of academic fraud and misconduct.

This simple experiment shows how easy it is for society to become segregated

OPINION: It seems obvious: if we are tolerant of people who are different from us, then our friends should come from all sections of society, our neighbourhoods should include people from all different races and our workplaces should have a good balance of men and women.

What motivates high school kids to choose a higher education?

Suprisingly, parents and friends have little say in the matter, according to one researcher.

Who were the first Norwegian crusaders?

Several thousand Norwegians answered the call of the Pope to undertake the perilous journey to Jerusalem.

Recess improves student performance

Long school days are part of everyday life for many school kids, but it is important to give students time to recover, shows new study.