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Professor: we must tackle population growth with knowledge

World population will keep climbing until it reaches 15 billion - but then it stops, says professor Hans Rosling.

Swedes and Danes dominate Scandinavian Midsummer Eve

A survey shows only 15 percent of Norwegians now celebrate the ancient festivities around the summer solstice.

Children can play their way to more learning in school

Learning by playing is the best way to fill young children with knowledge, says two Danish researchers.

How superheroes help top scientists share their knowledge

Meet three researchers with a unique approach to science communication at ESOF2014.

Russian right-wing extremists responsible for strikingly high level of violence

While extremism is on the decline in Western Europe, it is on the increase in Russia, where right-wingers have killed at least 600 people since 2004.

How Copenhagen’s urban space can inspire developing countries

Cities around the world are wondering how they can be “copenhagenised” to help them tackle issues with air pollution and urban space.

Efficient meetings can prevent conflicts at work

Managers should distinguish between meetings for daily operations and meetings for development.

Share your research: the researcher's guide to captivating science communication

A new handbook on how to share your research from and

Global poverty and inequality: is welfare only for the lucky few?

A new research project sets out to investigate what happens when the fight against global poverty and inequality is left to the corporate sector.

Not cycling – even if the boss were to pay

Employers cannot expect much success with initiatives to get staff to ride bicycles to work. But better and safer roads might do the trick.

Children in rural areas less affected by parental background

Parents' educational levels are important for children's grades and educational choices. But in rural Norway it seems to mean less.

Were the Vikings scared of volcanoes?

New Danish research suggests that the Icelandic Vikings were far less relaxed about volcanoes than previously believed.