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Mysterious object found in a Stone Age settlement in Norway

Was this a tool? Was it used for decoration? The experts do not understand the purpose of the 6,000 year old object from the Neolithic period.

Housing first for homeless people in Norway

Homeless persons in Norway can now choose how and where they want to live.

This makes us miss the mark in completion time

Your estimate will probably be off when you are asked how long a job will take. But when the boss indicates a time frame you could miss by even a wider margin.

Mixed feelings about beggars in Norway

NGOs and individuals offer an impressive amount of help to foreigners who beg on Norwegian streets. But feelings among Norwegians about foreign beggars remain divided.

The Sámi in Norway have more influence on politics than the Swedish Sámi

The Norwegian Sámi Parliament has both more influence and independence than its Swedish equivalent

Colleagues impinge on leisure time

Norwegian engineers claim that bosses are not the ones at work that disturb them the most outside of working hours. More say it’s their other colleagues who expect them to answer calls and e-mails in their free time.

How skeletons reveal gruesome secrets about our ancestors

A new study provides a unique insight into what life was like in the Middle Ages.

What images did Norwegians see of the 2011 Oslo terrorist attacks?

The first pictures were snapshots taken by photographers who tried to understand what they were seeing. A new study examines images from the period after the worst-ever terrorist attack in Norway.

Non-citizens punished by deportation

Norwegian police use deportation and punishment interchangeably to avoid spending resources on foreigners in prisons

Can organisations get depressed?

It should come as no surprise that colleagues on the job can get depressed. But can entire firms be given a diagnosis? Do organisations feel?

Items lost in the Stone Age are found in melting glaciers

Mittens, shoes, weapons, walking sticks – lost in the high mountains of Norway thousands of years ago - are now emerging from melting ice.

A viking blacksmith buried with his tools

More than a thousand years ago a blacksmith died. His tools were buried with him. Now they give us insight into the work and status of a blacksmith in the viking society