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For Icelanders, it pays to be weird

For a century, Iceland tried to be just like other European countries. But suddenly the people in the far North decided to become a bit different.

Health care and business don't mix

Using private companies to provide health care on a for-profit basis is not a viable model, warn researchers. The market wins – and patients lose.

The English inspired Vikings to build cities

The first cities and churches in medieval Denmark were probably inspired by the English, sources show. A historian sheds light on how the English influenced the Vikings, culturally as well as politically.

Looking back to the future to improve business

In times of crisis, companies look to the past to find their way forward. And the more serious the crisis, the further back management will look.

Online betting reawakens old gambling problems

Restrictions on slot machines yielded immediate results in Norway, but the gap was quickly filled by sports betting, online games and lotteries, and these gambling trends are even more damaging.

Creativity facilitates learning

Brain research and studies conducted in primary schools show that incorporating theatre, film, art and music into teaching facilitates learning – and fun.

Victims of sex trafficking return home to great expectations

Nigerian women who sell sex on the streets of Europe are met with huge expectations from their families when they return to Africa.

The origin of fiction

Films, computer games and novels have only come into existence thanks to medieval writers who used their imagination to create novels. New research reveals the surprising historical process behind fiction.

Girls are given less ADHD medication

Boys are much more frequently prescribed drugs against ADHD than girls. As it’s often construed as a male malady, there could be a tendency to underdiagnose the disorder among girls.

Music therapy reveals parenting skills

A test for assessing parenting skills has been developed. It is based on music therapy and reveals some of the fundamental family patterns that are otherwise not visible to outsiders.

Gender bias in leading journals

Only 3.8 percent of researchers commissioned by leading journals Science and Nature to write articles on Earth and environmental sciences have been women.

To get laid, high school students harass each other

Sexual harassment is really about sexual competition, researchers argue in a new study. They also believe that many sexually active students get more attention than they want.