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Create a cheap baby in India

New technology is opening up for limitless opportunities to create and have children – across bodies and borders. Consequences include children becoming stateless citizens, and it will be more difficult to identify who the father and mother really are.

Winning shootouts on the first kick

The 2012 Norwegian soccer cup final ended in a tie. But the underdog became the winner by starting the penalty kick shootout.

Young college grads fall through the safety net

The Scandinavian welfare system is recognized worldwide for its generous benefits and cradle-to-grave care. But not everyone benefits equally: Norwegians who pursue higher education and then can't find work are rarely eligible for unemployment benefits.

Too much freedom at Norwegian religious schools?

Freedom of religion in Norway offers extensive protection to what can be taught in parochial schools. But do the statutes go too far in protecting religious freedoms to the detriment of other fundamental freedoms?

Greenland's Viking settlers feasted on seals, then left

The Norse society did not die out due to an inability to adapt to the Greenlandic diet. An isotopic analysis of the Viking settlers’ bones shows that they ate plenty of seals.

Costly cacophony in open plan offices

Noisy office landscapes increase fatigue and drain motivation from employees. In Sweden alone the result may cost companies more than €240 million a year.

Denmark’s only medieval rowboat dated

Researchers have now assigned a date to the sensational find of a rowboat. The dating cements the small vessel’s position as Denmark’s only preserved medieval rowboat.

Optimists win sealed-bid auctions

But optimism doesn’t always pay off. The winner can end up a loser.

Older people just as happy without children

Being childless doesn’t mean being more unhappy in old age, according to a Norwegian survey.

Cannabis makes inmates behave

Prison guards often turn a blind eye to cannabis smoking, because stopping inmates from smoking creates turmoil in prisons and can damage rehabilitation, says new Danish study.

Focus on refugee resilience, not trauma

Support for refugees from war zones should focus on their resilience, not their trauma, says new research.

How Vikings killed time

The Vikings played ball, lifted stones and wrestled. Often the games turned violent and bloody, occasionally resulting in death.