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Science editors: Open access has created an unhealthy system

Better access is good but open journals jumble the finances of academic publishing at the cost of science, argues the head of Danish science editors.

Dogs value shared time above strength of love

It’s not the intensity of your love, but the amount of time you spend with your dog that determines how devoted it becomes to you, according to a new study of the canine view of the human-dog relationship.

Quotes don’t equate with quality

Reference to your research in other scientific publications can be both negative and poorly deliberated – so the sheer number of citations is a poor quality indicator, concludes a Swedish researcher.

Prosperous Vikings whitewashed their walls

Archaeologists have found Denmark’s oldest lime kiln near a large Viking hall at a Viking settlement on the Danish island of Zealand.

Girls gravitate toward online bullying

Swedish research has shown that teenage girls are more involved in cyberbullying than the face-to-face kind, both as perpetrators and victims.

Welfare changed our view on children

The history of the Danish welfare state also tells the tale of how a generous welfare state changed how children are perceived. This can be traced to the changing school architecture.

Finnish school abandons books for tablets

Some first-graders in Finland are being educated without printed books.

Endangered Norwegian livestock hanging on

Western Fjord Cattle, the Norwegian Spotted Goose and the Norwegian Coastal Goat are among the Norwegian livestock that need help to avoid extinction.

Extreme rituals enhance social cohesion

Physically and mentally exhausting rituals promote the spirit of community in society, according to a new study. This is the first time that this hypothesis has been confirmed experimentally.

Gastric injections of Botox might curb obesity

Rats have lost weight after receiving Botox injections in the stomach. Researchers think such treatment could provide a less drastic alternative to current weight-loss surgery.

Identifying the most vulnerable children in out-of-home care

Close ties with adults are essential for a healthy development for young children. Now, for the first time, statistical research identifies children in out-of-home care that have a particular risk of lacking stable adult contact in their first years of life.

A prized theory of visual attention

In 1990, a Danish psychologist proposed a mathematical formula which enabled scientists to measure our attention. He recently received a prestigious Danish research award for his work.