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Science communication: 'you're allowed to spice things up'

How do you make the abstract world of mathematics fascinating to a broad audience? A Q&A with award-winning mathematician Cédric Villani.

Cities will die if cars dominate

Cities continue to be planned with little comprehension or care for what makes them vibrant and attractive, says a renowned Danish architect.

Nobel laureate: science is moving in a dangerous direction

Science has taken a wrong turn and forgets to prioritise basic research, says Nobel laureate and quantum physicist Serge Haroche.

Professor: rising inequality could lead to a revolution

Danish economists fear inequality will keep growing and they worry about the consequences. In the worst event, there could be a revolution.

Refugee integration improves with community action

When an entire local community is mobilised to help integrate refugees, the results are much better than when the job is left to paper pushers.

11,000 years old elk bones shrouded in mystery

Someone put elk bones in a bog several thousand years ago -- but archaeologists have no clue who it was.

Little malingering among Norwegian employees

Norwegians rarely take extra days off work on the false pretence of being sick. The risk of pay-back time when salary raises are granted could be an explanation.

Teenage girls watch porn too

Girls appreciate porn just as much as boys do, a new Swedish study indicates.

Looking back on ESOF2014

This year’s European research conference ESOF is drawing to a close. asked three of the most prominent figures what they got out of the conference.

Barroso: researchers must learn from the Americans

Science needs to be sexier and Europe should look to the Americans for inspiration, says President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso.

Frustrated beer brewer created the pH scale

Europe's biggest science conference, Euroscience Open Forum, is coming to an end. We take a look back at the greatest invention that has ever been made at the site of the conference: the pH-scale.

Universities recruit students from science conference

Universities have a lot to gain at Europe's largest science conference ESOF2014 -- even if they come all the way from Asia.


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