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Thief of time conquering the classroom

PCs, tablets and smartphones are demonstrably useful aids in schools, but they can also undermine educational results, especially among weaker pupils.

Political colour is half genetic

New study provides definitive evidence that heritability plays a significant role in the formation of political ideology, regardless of how ideology is measured, the time period or population sampled.

Butchery law with anti-Semitic roots

The kosher method of butchery, called shechita, was fiercely debated in Norway and the rest of Europe before WWII, often with anti-Semitic undertones. Norway is one of three European countries that still forbids the practice.

Young dropouts get the most work injuries

If we want to prevent work injuries among young people, we shouldn’t stereotype young people into a single group using only age as a factor. There are great differences in how the various groups of youths are injured at work.

Relevant summer jobs jumpstart careers

Contacts made in summer jobs or part-time work have an impact on how fast a young person finds permanent work after graduating from high school, according to Swedish researchers.

Elderly on antidepressants more likely to fracture hips

Hundreds of serious bone fractures in Norway among the elderly can be linked to the antidepressants used to treat their depression.

Immigrants have a positive effect on native workers

New study disproves old economic theories about wages going down and native workers losing their jobs when immigrants take the low-salary jobs.

Chimpanzees catch yawns from humans

Chimpanzees yawn when they see a human yawn, but not until they reach a certain age, shows study, which hints at a new explanations of the development of empathy.

Huge ancient monument found in Sweden

Archaeologists have discovered a monumental structure with high wooden poles, dated at 400-500 AD in Uppsala, Sweden.

Careers – with a little help from our friends

A solid education and an extensive network of contacts are no guarantees for landing a good job.

Swedes’ views on immigration get more polarised

Swedes have become generally more positive toward immigration, but a small xenophobic minority might be making a little headway.

No serious side effects from HPV vaccine

A study of nearly a million girls in Sweden and Denmark eradicates anxieties about mass vaccinations against the virus that causes cervical cancer.


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