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Heroin clinics improve addicts' lives

State-funded heroin clinics have been set up in several European countries in recent years. They have all showed signs of success, but there hasn’t been any research into why – until now.

Hard for local authorities to revoke alcohol licenses

Local politicians and clerks risk trouble in their community when they attempt to enforce alcohol laws. Researchers think one solution would be for the state to give municipalities less leeway.

Public employees slow down school reform

Implementation of the latest school reform in Norway is sluggish in municipalities with many public employees. Firing some of them might speed things up.

Think in terms of time, not money

If you look at a budget, not as money but as work hours, it becomes obvious that spending lots of money isn’t the solution.

Experts risk unifying Breivik’s incoherent ideology

In Oslo Courthouse, terrorist Anders Behring Breivik presents ideological references that bounce in all directions. The commentators might inadvertently construct a comprehensive ideology out of mishmash.

Researching media coverage of Breivik trial

Researcher Lars Arve Røssland is charting the media’s coverage of the ongoing trial in Oslo of the right-wing extremist who killed 77 persons last summer. “This trial differs from anything the Norwegian media has ever encountered,” he says.

When the state takes your child

A child custody row between the Norwegian state and an Indian couple living in Norway has caused a big stir. A recently published study reveals when and why social workers split up families.

Cyber-bullying is worse than porn

Porn is not the most harmful online threat to children. It’s cyber-bullying among youngsters, and child protection filters have no way of stopping that.

We fear that science will wipe us out

Our ancestors feared that a god would cause the Earth’s destruction. Today we dread man-made viruses, global warming and nuclear bombs – the underside of science and technology.

Coverage of Norwegian terrorist trial can be fatiguing

Anders Behring Breivik’s trial is receiving massive media coverage. Journalistic ethics could be put to test by pressure for a constant stream of breaking news.

Critical of the fashion industry

Nordic fashion researchers are concerned about more than materials, styles and techniques. They are also critical of the industry, according to a new book on fashion research.

Secret pay to clergy during WWII

A secret underground system was established during WWII to channel money to pastors who wouldn't work for the Nazis.