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It pays to create better working conditions

Workplace stress is to blame for a lot of absenteeism. Repetitive tasks are the biggest problem, according to employees. But the job is less of a factor than they claim.

What makes a hunter pull the trigger—or refrain?

It’s more than the size of the antlers that makes Norwegian red deer hunters decide to shoot, researchers have found.

The masculine avant-garde that fostered feminism

The artistic and social movement known as Futurism practically cleared the way for feminism, according to a Norwegian researcher.

Countries should put a universal basic income in place before robots take our jobs

Half of all jobs could be replaced by technology in the next 20 years, according to some predictions. One solution for workers displaced by automation is to pay everyone a universal basic income. In Finland and elsewhere in Europe, that idea will be put to the test in 2017.

Brazil: A country without a language

OPINION: Brazilians speak Portuguese. But do they really?

Female researchers caution others against a career in science

A majority of young female researchers would not recommend others to choose a career in research. Their male colleagues have fewer doubts.

Help scientists map the bacterial jungle in your shower

Shower-heads are a haven of bacterial life and now scientists want us to help them map the slime that pours over us every time we wash.

Norwegian researchers start jihad archive

Jihadists’ propaganda and glossy magazines have now been assembled on a website to facilitate research.

Facebook is not about stimulating Democracy

OPINION: Facebook is a social media outlet designed to make money on user traffic and attention--stimulating democracy is not part of the business model. But censoring freedom of speech, may well be.

Scientists: Pointless to rename the Viking Age

The Steel Age could be a more appropriate name for what we call the Viking Age, says one archaeologist. But the new name is inappropriate, say her colleagues.

The Viking Age should be called the Steel Age

OPINION: The Viking Age harks back to the glory days of the Nordics, but the name is all wrong. It should instead be called the Steel Age, says Danish archaeologist.

Scientists: football has changed dramatically

New research on the Premier League shows that professional football players are sprinting more and more. And it is changing the way the game is played, say scientists.


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