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Does the perfect clone exist?

OPINION: Research has shown that cloned pigs are often as varied as naturally bred pigs. Therefore, it could be problematic to experiment with clones thinking that they are identical. A Danish professor explains why the clones can vary so much.

New world map of animal life

The new zoogeographical map of the planet is based on more than 20,000 species.

Tree physics determine leaf size

Danish Harvard researcher has found a link between the height of trees and the limit to how large or small their leaves can get.

Fixing the heart via the brain

Thyroid gland complications can lead to heart trouble. Swedish researchers think help can be found in the brain.

The brain’s little helper

A tiny protein has a caretaker’s role for our major organ, the brain. What happens to us if the protein is absent?

Prehistoric fossil preserved in a leech cocoon

For the first time ever, scientists can see the nucleus of an animal that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs.

Do dogs see what’s happening on TV?

Dogs often watch TV with their owners. What do our furry friends see on the screen?

21 December 2012: time for another doomsday

OPINION: It’s doomsday time again. This time it’s 21 December 2012 – and it even falls on a Friday.

Tiger dating: can tigers find love in faeces?

Tigers don’t always get along well in zoos. A new project aims to find out if urine and faeces can reveal whether the tigers have the right chemistry to be paired. It’s called tiger dating.

Europe’s smallest beetle found in Denmark

Researchers have just found the first Danish specimens of Europe’s smallest beetle. It’s not much wider than a human hair.

DNA glues oil droplets together

A new method of connecting certain oil molecules could pave the way for intelligent drugs that only target diseased cells.

Einstein to shed light on black holes

Danish scientists are trying to unify Einstein’s theory of relativity with quantum mechanics to find out how the universe came into existence.

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