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What can we learn from natural disasters?

Researchers are debating whether natural disasters can teach us something about human behaviour, and if so, whether that insight could be used to protect us in the future.

How important is the nose?

New experiments show how important the human nose is to our appearance.

Higgs: a scientific delight or a painful headache?

CERN releases new findings on the Higgs boson that once again brings the future of particle physics into question.

Poised to hunt for next particles

The Higgs boson has been found. But a search will soon start for an entire swarm of new particles – fundamental ones which can show whether the universe is supersymmetrical.

Public helps scientists scout species

Public involvement in recording observations is growing increasingly popular round the world. Members of the general public in Norway have to date made an impressive 10.7 million registrations.

Global warming favours light-coloured insects

Climate change is forcing some insects to flee to colder areas, new study reveals. This spells change for ecosystems all over Europe.

Fish choose a collision course

Flying insects steer away from objects to avoid collisions, but fish swim toward them at full speed.

All existence on the edge

The entire universe is unstable. Suddenly it could change all its physical game rules. That would be the definitive end of happy hour for humanity.

Prestigious prize for expanded universe

In its earliest moments after the Big Bang something counterintuitive happened. In much less than the wink of an eye the entire universe underwent a monstrous growth spurt, faster than the speed of light.

Researchers discover hidden underworld of mysterious life

For the first time ever, researchers have drilled deep into the Baltic seafloor, revealing myriad mysterious organisms in the unexplored underworld.

Pioneer neuropsychologist wins Kavli Prize

Brenda Milner brought about one of the most notable discoveries made in research on human memory. She has been awarded the Kavli Prize for Neuroscience together with John O’Keefe and Marcus E. Raichle.

Winners of the Kavli Prizes 2014

Norway’s Thomas W. Ebbesen is among the winners of the prestigious Kavli Prize in Nanoscience. The three Kavli Prizes were awarded today. See all nine winners here.


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