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Mental health problems worsen with cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery does little to alleviate mental health problems. In some cases, the new look even worsens symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Fighting Cancer Cell Resistance to Radiotherapy

Researchers have discovered how cancer cells become resistant to radiotherapy. This means that they can also figure out how to turn it off.

No more salmonella in Danish poultry

New statistics reveal that the battle against salmonella in Danish eggs and poultry is now finally coming to an end. The fight to free pork continues, however, while the hostile bacteria have now also seized fruit and vegetables.

For drivers with heavy eyelids, good roads can kill

Fatigued and drowsy drivers cause hundreds of traffic accidents every year in Norway, and sometimes the consequences are fatal. New research shows that good, straight roads are one of several factors which make drivers fall asleep in front of the wheel.

New cancer drug shows great promise

A new drug for cancer treatment is making good headway. “We’re getting close to our goal,” say scientists.

Link between self-harm and rape

Studies of rape victims reveal that 15 percent have scars from old self-harm injuries. The figure suggests a need for improved care of self-harming youths.

Making fungus come out of the woodwork

Having trouble with fungus destroying your house? The solution might be electrifying.

Making Norway's deadliest food

It's food, but not as we know it: a new processing plant is set to produce sausages packed with deadly E.coli and cheese full of Listeria – to save us from food poisoning.

Why premature babies get bad eyesight

Impaired vision in extremely premature babies is often caused by brain damage, new study shows.

Calcium and vitamin D make you a survivor

A combination of calcium and vitamin D reduces mortality. This is good news for those who fear the side effects of calcium.

Putting the squeeze on food bacteria

Using twice the pressure you would find at an ocean depth of 11,000 metres we can rid food of bacteria in a new and rather delicate way.

Garlic – the new weapon against cystic fibrosis

New research shows that garlic has a substance that could be the drug industry’s new weapon against serious complications of the dreaded lung disease cystic fibrosis.