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Thirty minutes of daily exercise is enough

The same effect in only half the time: scientists have demonstrated that 30 minutes of daily exercise gives an equally effective loss of weight and fat mass as a full hour’s daily exercise.

Children of older men have more DNA mutations

The father’s age is decisive in determining how many mutations a child has in its genome – the older the father is, the higher the number of mutations is, and the greater the risk is that the child will develop e.g. autism and schizophrenia.

Lack of vitamin D may increase diabetes risk

Here’s an addition to the long list of potential health benefits associated with vitamin D: if you don’t get enough of it, you may face an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Edible vaccines can be grown everywhere

In the future, local farmers the world over could be growing broccoli, potatoes or lettuce that can protect against diseases such as rabies and dengue.

How babies get heart defects

Scientists have mapped the network of genes, proteins and environmental factors that together led to a heart defect in one percent of all children born each year. Better diagnoses and treatments will soon be available, says researcher.

Cancer patients with high vitamin D levels live longer

The risk of dying from cancer is more than 2.5 times higher in patients with low vitamin D levels compared to patients who have high levels of the same vitamin.

The molecule that stops the Black Death

A crucial 'alarm molecule' warning the immune system of pathogens has been identified by a Norwegian researcher.

Hot brains impair athletic performance

It’s not just muscle fatigue that impairs athletic performance in hot conditions. Your brain temperature and central fatigue also play a key role.

Super-antibodies against influenza identified

Scientists have identified antibodies that can fight off just about all forms of influenza. The discovery could lead to a much-improved flu vaccine.

Can repulsive photos make smokers quit?

Scary pictures of cancerous lungs and blackened teeth on cigarette packs have the desired effect, says researcher. They make people stop smoking.

Longer heartbeats could shorten lives

Hearts with longer intervals between each ventricular contraction and relaxation face an increased risk of death. But probably only if you are male.

Immune attack of cancer cells

Immunotherapy, where our own immune system defeats cancer cells, might be the new cancer treatment.