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Common painkillers can cause blood clots

Common painkillers double the risk of blood clots in the legs and lungs, new research reveals. EU warnings against the pills are underway.

Bullying weakens the body

Harassment, social isolation or intimidating abuse in the workplace is not only psychologically destructive – it’s also stressful physically. Symptoms are similar to posttraumatic stress.

Anxious children at risk for multiple problems

Children suffering from anxiety also risk developing other conditions – with research showing more than 60 percent struggling with speech and motor skills problems.

Swine flu vaccine does not harm your baby

Pregnant women can be vaccinated against swine flu without fear of negative consequences. A new study documents that the vaccine does not harm unborn babies. But another study confirms a suspicion that the vaccine can cause neuritis in elderly people in very rare cases.

Why did the Romans recline while feasting?

The discomfort from stuffing yourself with a large meal might be eased by lying down. But only on one side.

Gene worsens MS in drug treatment

Multiple sclerosis patients cannot tolerate drugs that might otherwise benefit other patients with similar diseases. Sensational new genetic research has figured out why.

Common ADHD treatment has no effect

New PhD thesis finds no documented effect of a widespread form of treatment which aims to teach children with ADHD to succeed socially.

Sequencing the genome of an entire population

As the first country ever, the Faroe Islands are preparing to sequence the genetic material of its entire population. The FarGen project could become a model for personalised medicine throughout the world.

Can we blame the brain?

A Frenchman led a perfectly normal life for years, but a brain scan later revealed that his skull was nearly hollow. Neuroscientists use this as an extreme example of how misleading it can be to link brain images to behavior.

Treatment for blood poisoning can be fatal

A widespread treatment of severe blood poisoning can provoke life-threatening kidney failure and haemorrhages. The researchers behind a new study recommend that this treatment should be stopped.

Mental health problems worsen with cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery does little to alleviate mental health problems. In some cases, the new look even worsens symptoms of depression and anxiety.

No more salmonella in Danish poultry

New statistics reveal that the battle against salmonella in Danish eggs and poultry is now finally coming to an end. The fight to free pork continues, however, while the hostile bacteria have now also seized fruit and vegetables.


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